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This Tribe is devoted to discussion of Gnostic Christian beliefs (Nag Hammadi find, gospel of Thomas and more) and the study of early Christianity before and after the Nicene creed and creation of the Apostolic and Catholic Church and creed of the four Gospels. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Gnostic Visions  topic
Gnostic Connection to Tarot Cards  topic
Dakini/Shakti/Shekinah/Sophia  topic
"The Big Love"  topic
Metaphysical Contemplations on "Image"  topic
Is Religiosity a Mental Illness?  topic
Literalists versus Gnostics  topic
How long is Now?  topic
What is the Great Secret of Alchemy?  topic
Video: Gods of the New Age. Roots of Yoga and ...  topic
I need a list of the discoveries of gnostic texts  topic
The ultimate Gnostic being  topic
Gnosis  topic
Old tribe needs kick start  topic
Lent  topic
Help with Mary Magdelene event?  topic
New interview with Elaine Pagels  topic
Life of Adam& Eve--What book is this text in?--...  topic
Mystical Contemplations on Freewill  topic
swine flu  review
What does quantum mechanics have to do with Gno...  topic
Why do people hate Jesus : Because his very nam...  topic
Gnosis for all  topic
They Live! Is this movie a documentary or what!?  review
More good Gnostic reads  topic

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